Is Dental Health Linked to your Heart Health?

We often tell our children to brush their teeth twice a day and we keep reminding ourselves also to do the same (that we conveniently tend to forget most of the time).

Our purpose behind taking care of our dental health is to avoid the impending toothache that can plop up in case of a cavity or a bad tooth situation. But do you know that even our dental health is somewhere linked to our heart health?

Surprised! Well, it is true as a study conducted on about 200 Finnish cardiac patients with similar dental problems such as pericoronitis, gingivitis, missing teeth etc does have a strong effect on their heart health or the cardiac health. A mathematical research model revealed that the oral diseases were directly linked to the heart health. Patients with poor gum health showed more chances of poor heart health in the form of low high- density lipoprotein cholesterol or high triglycerides.

Also a continuous study on this particular case have brought to light that the bacteria that affects the gums also moves to the blood vessels that leads to the swelling and damage of your blood vessels.

This particular study result was strengthened after finding few oral bacteria fragments found in the blood vessels far from the mouth. Though there is no any direct link between the gum problem and the cardiovascular disease, there is a third factor that instigates this condition which can be smoking, lack of proper exercise or diet etc.

It is a known fact that smoking and a poor diet affects your teeth as well as your heart at the same time. So it is extremely important to adhere to certain health rules like:

  • Maintaining good oral health
  • Avoid Smoking
  • Do regular heart health check up
  • Finding ways to beat your stress levels
  • Following a balanced diet and a balanced lifestyle.

So remember tooth problems do not only revolve around your mouth as there are higher chances of it affecting your heart health as well.

Happy Life!

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