Different Urine Color and Appearance| What it says about your health?

Have you ever noticed a change in your urine color or texture sometimes? I am sure you would have shoved it off saying it’s the heat or some other casual reason that does not hold any kind of importance to your body or health.

Each urine color makes it possible to study different ailments affecting different parts of your body.  And it is just not limited to your urine, kidney or renal issues. So to get a better idea on this, we will give you an insight into what each urine color means and how its texture gives you a signal about your overall health and wellness. It is a known fact that several forms of food and water wastes are secreted by our body through urine. Hence it is understood that the urine color and texture is mostly related to our food habits and our body hydration.

First let’s find out what each urine color depicts about your health and lifestyle

1.     Light Yellow Urine color

Light yellow color urine indicates that your body is well hydrated, however a dark yellow or a deep yellow urine color shows that your body needs to get little more hydrated. It is as simple as that. The yellow color of urine is because of the presence of a colorless pigment called Urobilin. This pigment in its diluted state gives your urine the clear yellow tint.

2.     Brown Urine

The Brown color urine can be an indication of three things primarily:

  • Can be due to your consumption of veggies like beans, rhubarb, fava beans, aloe etc.
  • Can be due to certain type of medications like Antibiotics, laxatives, antimalarial drugs and muscle relaxants.
  • The final reason could be due to certain health conditions such as Anaemia, Muscle pain and weakness, kidney ailments, Hepatitis etc.

3.     Pink Urine

Now you do not have to panic when you see a tint of red color in urine, however you can consult your physician for an accurate report on your health condition. The Pink color in your urine appears mainly due to the following conditions:

  • Presence of blood in your urine due to conditions like urinary infection, hematuria, kidney or bladder stones, kidney cysts etc.
  • Consumption of food types such as beets, blackberries, rhubarb etc can also give a pinkish color to your urine.
  • Certain type of medications such as antibiotics like Rifampin, laxatives etc can also turn your urine color pink

4.     Orange Urine

The Orange color in your urine can primarily result from

  • Consumption of fruits or veggies such as beets, orange berries etc that can give your urine an orange color for a short while.
  • Medication types such as anti-inflammatory drugs, laxatives and some kind of chemotherapy drugs.
  • The Orange color in your urine can also appear due to certain health ailments such as liver or bile duct issues, intense form of dehydration that can deepen the yellow color and make it appear orange.

5.     Greenish Blue Urine

The Greenish Blue colored urine is primarily caused due to the following reasons:

  • Urinary tract infections caused by the Pseudomonas bacteria can turn your urine color green.
  • Consumption of foods such as Asparagus or any kind of blue or green forms of veggies or fruits.
  • A constant change in your medications like of change of vitamins etc can also give a bluish green color to your urine.
  • It is also seen that certain traditional Chinese medicine might turn your urine color into green.

Different Urine Appearances

Apart from your Urine color, you should also keep a close watch on the Urine appearances as well.

Let’s find out more:

1.     Foamy Urine

A Foamy appearance in your urine can be possible due to the following reasons:

Increased presence of protein in your urine can create a foamy presence in your urine. It is important for you to consult your physician in this case as it might be an indication of a serious kidney problem.

2.     Cloudy Urine

Cloudy urine can be due to various reasons and this can differ between men and women.

  • Cloudy urine can be due to certain medical issues such as dehydration, severe urinary tract infection, Sexually transmitted diseases (STD), kidney or bladder stones, diabetes etc.
  • In men Cloudy urine can be an indication that of presence of semen in the urinary tract.

When you urine turns cloudy, it also emanates a foul odor. Hence it is extremely important that you consult your physician during such cases.

3.     Smelly Urine

In usual cases your urine will emanate a slight smell of ammonia especially during early mornings, however if you detect a foul smell in your urine for longer hours, please do not hesitate to visit your doctor. The other possible reasons why your urine can turn smelly are:

  • Medical conditions such as Urinary tract infection (UTI), vaginal infection, diabetes, organ failures etc.
  • Consumption of certain food types such as asparagus, coffee etc.
  • Certain kinds of medications such as antibiotics, high doses of Vitamin B tablets, medication for diabetes and some chemotherapy drugs.

As urine is directly related to your food habits and water habits, it is extremely important that you consult your physician in case you notice a change in color or appearance of your urine. Keep in mind that you should not delay such things as it can cause serious irreversible health issues in the long run.

Happy Life!

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