Keto Actives is a modern dietary supplement that helps you lose weight even when it comes to the most difficult parts of your body. It may get you in shape and is guaranteed to make you feel better!

What Is Keto Actives?

Keto Actives by Key Player Limited is a ketogenic diet supplement containing natural ingredients intended to increase weight loss on the ketogenic diet.

While it is marketed as a ketogenic supplement, it doesn’t contain ketones, as many other keto supplements do.

Instead, it uses ingredients that support the ketogenic diet process and associated benefits.

For example, it contains capsicum extract for fat burning, Clarinol CLA for suppressing appetite, and chromium for regulating blood sugar levels for increased belly fat melting.

About The Brand

Key Player Limited is a health and wellness company based in the United Arab Emirates, with its headquarters in Dubai.

Keto Actives-100% Natural Ingredients!


ForsLean® – Indian nettle root extract [10% forskolin] – acting as a non-adrenal adenylyl cyclase stimulator, it promotes the breaking up of fats. Studies have shown the supportive role of forskolin in reducing body fat and maintaining lean body mass. After 12 weeks of 250 mg of ForsLean® subjects saw a significant decrease in body weight and fat content and a significant increase in lean body mass compared to a placebo.

Clarinol®, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) – linoleic acid (LA) helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that CLA accelerates fat burning in obese people; it likewise supports slimming of the legs and reduces the waist to hip ratio. Research has shown that adding CLA as a supplement is enough to see positive changes that are independent of a diet and exercise regimen.

Natural anhydrous caffeine – increases concentration and endurance, and also minimises fatigue after physical activity.

Bitter orange fruit extract – promotes lipid metabolism and weight control. Use impacts digestive system function.

Black pepper fruit extract – supports the secretion of digestive juices, increases the absorption of nutrients, regulates bowel movements.

Ashwagandha root extract – helps control weight, has a beneficial effect on energy levels.

Capsicum extract – enables weight management and provides an ideal equilibrium for the digestive system.

Chromium – maintains normal blood glucose levels, affects the metabolism of macro-nutrients.

Keto Actives is an entirely natural dietary supplement with slimming action. It has a short and transparent list of ingredients, with no unnecessary fillers. Instead of using controversial magnesium stearate, Keto Actives has instead opted for NuRice, a hypoallergenic anti-caking agent.

How Does Keto Actives Work?


The ketogenic diet works by starving the body of carbs and sugars (therefore, glucose), causing it to go into a state of ketosis.

During ketosis, stored fat is burned as energy, and ketones are produced to be used as clean energy for the brain and muscles.

Keto Actives helps this process by simply supporting the body’s natural fat-burning abilities, curbs cravings, boosts energy (ketosis can cause fatigue at first) and more:

  • Reduces appetite: Clarinol CLA, bitter orange extract, and chromium help to reduce appetite and curb cravings. This is particularly helpful on a restrictive diet. By snacking less, reducing portions, and avoiding unnecessary calories, weight loss is achieved far more successfully.
  • Boosts metabolism and fat burning: Clarinol CLA, black pepper extract, capsicum, and bitter orange can help to increase your body’s metabolism and fat-burning abilities. This helps to burn stored fat and reduce overall body fat percentage (with a calorie deficit and exercise including strength training).
  • Regulates blood sugar and cortisol: chromium and ashwagandha may reduce blood sugar and cortisol levels, helping to prevent belly fat building up. Plus, steady blood sugar levels help to reduce energy slumps and cravings for sugar and carbs.
  • Boosts energy: caffeine and bitter orange extract may boost energy levels and improve focus and alertness. This helps with exercise performance and stamina, helping to burn more calories.

Keto Actives Benefits


Money Back Guarantee

Keto Actives offers a money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the product or the results.

Just send it back within 90 days of delivery for a refund.