Yoga Burn Review- The Actual Truth

yoga burn review

Yoga is a lifestyle and this is the best way to define it. When we say lifestyle it ideally includes everything related to your daily living conditions and scenarios. Be it your physical strength, mental strength, your behavior, attitude, your approach towards different situations etc. Practicing Yoga regularly will balance all these attributes of your lifestyle. However, it is mandatory to follow the Yoga postures correctly, if not it can lead to serious problems.

This is why you should always start practicing your Yoga under the guidance of a well experienced Yoga instructor. It is a misconception that Yoga is only meant for weight watchers; instead Yoga can help cure even the minutest problem you face in your life with regards to your health and wellness.

The Yoga Burn program is a 12 weeks challenge workout that uses the technique of Dynamic Sequencing Yoga.

According to the Dynamic Sequencing method, the Yoga Burn programme trains you to perform each yoga posture accurately and helps you to adapt and step up the challenge as and when your body starts getting used to the routine. This in turn encourages your body to change and adjust and ultimately gives you a shapely feminine body which makes you look and feel better inside out.

So let’s find out more about the Yoga Burn program

Yoga Burn Challenge Program

Now there are several Yoga apps available on the internet and also on your Google Playstore that you can download and install. The drawbacks of these apps are that you do not get a proper trainer or guidance to perform your Yoga postures. This can take a serious toll on your physical build and also on your mental health.

The Yoga Burn Challenge here takes good care of that aspect and gives a full proof plan that will duly take care of every possible challenge you face with respect to your health.

This 3 stage system provides you with a specific set of movements and workout videos to accelerate your metabolism, intensify your adaptability and stamina, sculpt and tone your body, burn your calories and ultimately give you all the benefits of Yoga.

Each phase gives you a 45 minute Yoga video that can be practiced and performed from anywhere at any time. Ensure to watch all the three 45 minute Yoga video per week and you will be entitled to a bonus video along with it. The bonus video will give you tips to increase your emotional wellness, boost your self-confidence and will help you take care of overall happiness. Once these things are in place, we are sure that your lifestyle would be in the utmost balanced state.

Let’s take a look at the three different phases in detail:

Phase 1- The Foundational Flow

As the name says, this 1st Phase of the Yoga Burn program is all about building the base foundation for you to get to know the world of Yoga  better.

The Foundational Phase teaches you the fundamental basics of intense Yoga practice and also helps shape your muscles additionally. A step-by-step procedural guide is prepared to assist you in following the Yoga postures correctly and smoothly. This phase will duly guide you to balance your breath and to boost your stamina and will eventually prepare you for the next phases in the Yoga Burn program.

In this phase the instructor (Zoe Bray-Cotton) will train you in some easy to follow yoga poses along with the other poses in the video. She not only teaches the poses, in turn she also explains in detail about each pose and what it means. This will help you understand the science of Yoga better and will also help you practice it with ease and at your comfort level.

This phase focuses on boosting the metabolic activity of the Yogi (a person who practices Yoga), builds a balanced connection between your body and mind and helps shape up specific areas.

Phase 2- Transitional Flow

The Phase 2 which is known as the Transitional Flow is one step higher to the Phase 1 of the Yoga Burn program. Here the workout sessions intensifies through new postures that are introduced through the video. The Phase 2 goes on for 4 weeks and is ideally a combination of moves that you learned in the Phase 1 part of the program. The Phase 2 section of the program mainly focuses on the workout sessions for 3 prime areas of your body –Upper Body, Lower Body and Core Workout. In this Phase you will start noticing serious changes to your muscle groups and your entire body.

Phase 3- Mastery Flow

The final phase of the Yoga Burn program is known as the Phase 3- Mastery Flow. This phase gives you the advanced version and continues for the rest of the 8 weeks. This phase will make you an expert in Yoga as you will start combining all that you have learned in the previous yoga sessions. During this session you will easily know how to master all the previous yoga poses and will get into a routine. You can see your metabolic activity and strength to the maximum during the Phase 3 of the Yoga Burn program. The outcomes of this final phase will result in a body transformation in ways you may not have imagined possible with Yoga!

Yoga Burn Program Breakdown Details

The Yoga Burn Program can be disintegrated into the following:

  • Yoga Burn 12 Week Body Shaping Course

    This course covers all three phases of Yoga Burn and includes a quick start class as well as 20 in-depth pose tutorials. There are nine workout videos in total, which you will watch four times before proceeding to the next Yoga Burn phase.

  • Bonus-Tranquility Flow Class

    This is a one-of-a-kind set of stress-relieving sequences. It is not intended to burn calories, but it is an excellent way to relax and unwind.

  • Bonus-Basic Audio Version

    You can use these audio versions so that you can practice each class while you are travelling.

  • Bonus-Immersion Community

    This is a one-of-a-kind fitness community for women only. It also gives you access to coaching calls and a community where you can talk to other similar women for ongoing support throughout the Yoga Burn programme.

Yoga Burn Creator and Instructor Details

Zoe Bray-Cotton is an internationally certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and female transformation specialist who has worked with over one million women worldwide. Zoe is the creator of Yoga Burn, an international best-selling fitness system for women, as well as the Yoga Burn Facebook and Instagram communities.


Benefits of the Yoga Burn program

Yoga Burn Fitness Programs

Yoga Burn gives you an array of Fitness programs and below you can find a snapshot of these programs and how they work

1. Yoga Burn Trim Core Challenge

The Yoga Burn Trim Core challenge focuses on the strengthening your core and helping you get into shape. This program revolves around the abdominal training for women.

2. Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge

The idea behind the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge is the Extension Training sequence and resistance training for your whole body.

3. Yoga Burn Booty Challenge

The Yoga Burn Booty Challenge follows the P.A.P methodology which is the Prime, Activate, Pump method. This Yoga Burn exercise regime targets the workout sessions for the booty area.

4. Yoga Burn Inner Circle

The Yoga Burn Inner Circle gives you an insight into different types of workouts, yoga practices, diet plans and other nutritional tools every month. You also get a chance to find answers to your fitness related questions, support, coaching and advice along with right solutions for yourself.

5. Yoga Burn Meditation Solution

Happiness, Self-confidence, Self-love, positivity and self-improvement are the collective results of the Yoga Burn Meditation Solution. This particular program offers and guides you to release your physical as well as mental tension, boost your immunity levels and balance your body and mind.

6. Yoga Burn Monthly Program

The Yoga Burn Monthly Program is a 6 months program that helps women master yoga in its most unique form.

7. Yoga Burn Kick Starter Kit

The Yoga Burn Kick Starter kit is meant for women who would like to fast track their yoga training courses and is ideal for those who already have experience in yoga.

Yoga Burn Nutrition Programs

1. Yoga Burn Coffee Ignite

The Yoga Burn Coffee Ignite is a coffee additive that can efficiently boost your metabolism and energy when consumed with your daily coffee. It also plays an important role in controlling your appetite, strengthening your health and in burning extensive fat.

2. Yoga Burn Renew

Yoga Burn Renew is a dietary supplement engineered to support deep sleep, reverse metabolic deceleration and to prevent pre-mature aging in women. This supplement is enriched with 8 clinically proven ingredients all focused on burning fat and restoring your health to a balanced state.

3. Yoga Burn Amino H20

The Yoga Burn Amino H20  is an energy drink by Yoga Burn that is made up of  branched chain Amino Acids that helps you in suppressing hunger and in boosting metabolism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, pregnant women can definitely use the Yoga Burn challenge. In this case the instructor advises to opt for the Beginner Flow and the Tranquility Flow which are considered ideal for the different stages of pregnancy.

One of the strongest points of the Yoga Burn challenge is you can get trained in Yoga from anywhere at your convenient time. You do not have to travel to your yoga classes at a specific time, which usually turns out to be stressful in the long run. Moreover Yoga Burn is specifically designed to meet the needs and challenges of everyday women who want to shape up, lose weight, and enjoy all of the amazing benefits that a professional and progressive yoga programme has to offer.

Yoga Burn is for women of all ages who are ready to devote time to a done-for-you yoga programme that promotes natural and healthy weight loss without the use of pills, powders, or potions. Yoga Burn may be a good fit for you if you want to lose weight and get in shape without having to spend countless hours in the gym or lift heavy weights.

Yoga Burn Pricing Plan

Final Thoughts

Are you waiting to slim down, tone down and de-stress yourself, then the best option is the Yoga Burn program. With Zoe Bray-Cotton who is  one of the most efficient figures in the health and wellness industry, as your instructor, you do not have to look elsewhere to learn Yoga in its most truest form so that you feel confident and energetic both physically and mentally.