Tea Burn reviews- Should You Actually Buy Them?


Tea Burn is a patent pending 100% natural weight loss supplement flavorless powder which you can mix with your cup of tea to boost your metabolism and to lose weight.

Weight loss is never an easy affair, though people are trying really hard to find easy and quick ways to lose their stubborn fat. But what if the actual problem is with the people’s metabolism level?

Then we should have the right solution to address this core issue of weight gain problems instead of blindly working out and trying out various diet plans that does not bring any positive result.

The Tea Burn weight loss product is a powdered supplement that addresses the metabolism of the user’s body to lose weight.  This unique weight loss product claims to help you lose weight each time you drink your favourite cup of tea.

Today my blog is all about finding it is really true and if it is that easy to lose weight?

So let’s get started

What is Tea Burn?

Tea Burn is a unique product that mainly targets weight watchers who are ardent tea lovers. Different flavoured tea has become a norm for many – iced tea, black tea, ginger tea, lemon tea and ofcourse the green tea are some of the tea flavours favoured by many. You just have to mix the Tea Burn powder with your favourite tea flavour so that you can kick start your weight loss journey with a good taste hanging in your mouth.


Simply put, the Tea Burn powder does not change the taste of your tea and it only gives you the much need metabolism to help you lose weight.

Adding a mix of Tea Burn into your tea will just convert your normal tea into a super tea, filled with all attributes that will help you burn calories and boost your metabolism.

The Tea Burn powder is compatible with any flavour tea and one will notice that the powder mixes with the tea within seconds. It also creates a delightful experience for people.

Benefits of Tea Burn

The Tea Burn weight loss supplement works around a person’s metabolism level and manages it well so that they are able to lose weight at a faster pace. The L-Theanine and Caffeine content in the Tea Burn boosts the metabolic function of the body and accelerates it so that you burn your calories and lose weight faster. The benefits of Tea Burn in short are:

Tea Burn Ingredients

The ingredient structure of any weight loss supplement is a crucial area and as a customer one should be clearly aware of them. In the case of Tea Burn, the manufacturers have made it a point to be transparent so that the customer can experience safety and satisfaction while using Tea Burn. The prime ingredients of Tea Burn weight loss powder includes:


1. Caffeine

Caffeine, as everyone knows it, is one of the most effective fat-burning ingredients. It actively boosts your metabolism and aids in fat loss. Though a considerable amount is already present in teas, an extra amount of caffeine energizes you by blocking all the inhibitory transmitters in the brain. People have also lost weight by using caffeine filled weight loss supplements as this compound plays a major role in boosting the metabolism of your body.


2. Amino Acids

The presence of two Amino Acids in tea burn does wonders to your weight loss goals. Tea Burn uses a combination of L-theanine and L-carnitine amino acids which work in two different ways.

The L-theanine amino acid, which is usually found in green tea, nullifies the negative effects of caffeine. Moreover it helps to deal with anxiety, tension and other negative effects that people face due to caffeine.

The L-carnitine amino acid does the function of transferring the fatty acids to your cells and thereby converts the fatty tissues into energy. This way you feel less tired and sluggish and in turn feel synergized and refreshed.


3. Minerals

The Tea Burn weight loss powder is filled with minerals that help in regulating the blood sugar levels and ultimately helps you lose weight. One of the prime mineral based ingredient found in Tea Burn is Chromium. Chromium supplements are usually consumed by patients to regulate and control their blood sugar levels. This also plays a major role in controlling your appetite and bringing down the hunger pang issue.

Instantly transforming your favorite tea into an absolute SUPER TEA...

Combine your diet plan, your exercise plan with a daily cup of tea mixed with Tea Burn and enjoy your weight loss journey.


4. Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is an ingredient commonly used in weight loss supplements. The caffeine content in the green tea extract is a fat burning stimulant and also the antioxidant content in green tea extract is highly beneficial for your weight loss journey.

Green tea is filled with bioactive chemicals that help in proper functioning of your brain and it also elevates the user’s ability to burn fat by lowering the cholesterol levels.  The epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) antioxidant within the green tea extract helps in boosting the body’s metabolism and also activates the brown adipose tissue which are the healthy fat tissues.


5. Green Coffee Beans

The Green Coffee beans is a great source of the cholorgenic acid. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of the Chlorogenic acid can benefit you in controlling your blood sugar level, boosting your metabolism and helping you lose weight.

Tea Burn Dosage Instructions

There are no any difficult point by point dosage instructions for using Tea Burn. It is just that you have to mix the whole powder with your daily cup of tea to enjoy the benefits. Since Tea Burn has caffeine content in it, it is advised to mix it with your morning tea. Having the Tea Burn mixed tea in the night or afternoon might deprive you of your sleep due to the caffeine content.

It is not necessary that you use Tea Burn only with tea, instead you can use it by mixing it with plain water. However you can enjoy the best results when you have it with a cup of hot or iced tea.

How does Tea Burn whiten your teeth?

special-teaburnNow this is a rare combination that a weight loss supplement offers- Tea Burn can help you lose weight and can also whiten your teeth. Usually excess consumption of tea results in staining your teeth, however Tea Burn mixed with your tea gives you an opposite positive result.

According to the creators of Tea Burn, the powder contains a special element that can decrease the effects of the chemical tannin that stains your teeth. The Tannin content in your tea is the one that gives your teeth a yellow color after regular consumption of tea for over a month. On the other hand the ingredients within the Tea Burn powder are formulated in such a way that it reduces the effect of the discolouring agent tannin on your teeth.

So Tea Burn can be easily referred to as a health product, one that takes care of your weight gain problems and also the problems related to your teeth color.

How to boost the effects of Tea Burn

The Tea Burn weight loss powder was formulated after a strict and transparent research, however you can enhance the effects of the Tea Burn by following 2 simple things:

Proper and Balanced Diet

Maintain a low calorie diet that is filled with perfect amount of vitamins, proteins, minerals along with the Tea Burn mixed tea and you are on the right path to your weight loss journey. Following the balanced diet with Tea Burn can give you excellent weight loss results.

Exercise Plan

Along with a proper diet plan, you will also need to indulge in some kind of workout or exercise regime to achieve your weight goal faster. You do not have to start off with any kind of hardcore gym workouts, instead a brisk walk for 30 minutes is more than enough to kick start the process.

Tea Burn - Frequently Asked Questions

The Tea Burn supplement is formulated using completely natural ingredients and moreover it has no any extra fillers or preservatives. Manufactured in a GMP certified facility and approved by the FDA, the Tea Burn has been tried and tested several times before reaching the health market. Also the product is 100% gluten free and completely vegetarian in nature.

Everyone can use Tea Burn, however it is better for pregnant ladies and lactating mothers to use it after consulting your physician.

As the Tea Burn is flavourless and tasteless, it will not change the taste of your tea. At the same it will super charge your tea and give you the benefits you need to lose weight and to boost your metabolism.

You can add Tea Burn to any beverage you prefer, however you will get maximum results only if you mix it with tea.

You can mix Tea Burn while having tea at any time of the day, however it is best advised to use it with your morning cup of tea. The reason why because, the caffeine content in Tea Burn might deprive you of your sleep if you have a Tea Burn mix tea in the afternoon or night.

Tea Burn -Final Thoughts

Weight loss supplements have filled the health market , but when it comes unique and special like Tea Burn, you should definitely give it a try.

Tea Burn is a one of a kind weight loss powder that  has been formulated after a thorough research and is something that you would not feel bored even after a long period of time.

Combine your diet plan, your exercise plan with a daily cup of tea mixed with Tea Burn and enjoy your weight loss journey.