Nutrigo Lab Regeneration Review-The Best way to Restore and Refresh



What is Nutrigo Lab Regeneration?

Doing heavy and rigorous workout is a norm to maintain a fit and a healthy body. But what about our energy levels after the workout is completed? Staying fit throughout helps you stay focused and satisfied, however it does take a toll on your energy levels.

This is where the Nutrigo Lab Regeneration dietary supplement comes to your rescue.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration supplement gives you the best way to restore and refresh yourself after a day of heavy and rigorous workout. This comprehensive dietary supplement is engineered for all those who want to regenerate after intense workout sessions. Nutrigo Lab Regeneration consists of highly assimilable hydrolysates such as PeptoPro hydrolysate and Optipep protein hydrolysate that helps in generation and maintenance of the muscle cells in your body. Also the BCCA amino acids within this supplement reduce the catabolism as well.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration benefits in a nutshell

The Nutrigo Lab Regeneration dietary supplement ensures to provide the following benefits to the fitness freak in you and they are:

How does Nutrigo Lab Regeneration really work?

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is ideally a backup support for amateur athletes and body builders. After a session of intense workout and training the muscles become hungry and require immediate nutrition. The bioavailable proteins in Nutrigo Lab Regeneration ensure to distribute the nutrients within the supplement to all the muscles for appropriate growth, volume and force. Each serving of Nutrigo Lab Regeneration supplement injects fresh energy, nutrients and nourishing ingredients into the muscle cells of your body.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration Composition and how it helps

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration dietary supplement is formulated using a meticulous choice of ingredients that aids in your muscle refreshment and restoration post your intense workout sessions. The ingredients include:

1. WPH Optipep® protein

The WPH Optipep® protein is one of the purest forms of protein made from whey protein isolate. This ingredient helps in regeneration and maintenance of the muscle cells in your body. Additionally, it also facilitates quick absorption of amino acids that further enhances anabolic stimulus and boosts greater protein synthesis.

2. BCAA Amino Acids

The BCAA amino acids are the combination of three essential compounds which are leucine, isoleucine and valine. The major benefits of BCAA                amino acids are it increases muscle growth, eliminates muscle soreness, reduces fatigue and tiredness due to exercise and workout, prevents muscle breakdown and acts as an agent for health improvement especially for people suffering from liver failure or liver ailments.

3. PeptoPro® casein hydrolysate

The casein hydrolysate is a source of anabolic di and tri peptides which requires no effort for assimilation. The benefits of PeptoPro® casein hydrolysate in Nutrigo Lab Regeneration includes effective muscle building when compared to other conventional proteins, it regulates your cardiac activity, energizes you after the intense workout sessions and also aids in fat reduction to the maximum.

4. Citrulline malate

The Citrulline malate ingredient of Nutrigo Lab Regeneration aids in the increase of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) production- this is an energy carrying molecule found in the cells of all living organisms. Increased production of ATP boosts the intensity of your training and accelerates the regeneration process, reduces blood pressure, opens up the veins and arteries to smoothen the blood flow.

5. AAKG 2:1

AAKG (Arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate) ingredient in Nutrigo Lab Regeneration helps to recover the healthy muscles and boosts the energy level. It also plays a significant role in maintaining normal blood pressure, regulates heart function and boosts immunity as well.

6. Black Pepper Extract

The Black Pepper Extract or Bioperine is an alkaloid that ensures smooth and proper functioning of the digestive system and reduces inflammation problems.

Who should use Nutrigo Lab Regeneration?

The Nutrigo Lab Regeneration dietary supplement can be used by both amateur and professional athletes and body builders. It is ideally meant for people who find it difficult to regenerate their muscle strength after a rigorous workout.

How to use Nutrigo Lab Regeneration dietary supplement?


Pour 20 g (2 scoops) of the product into a shaker


Add 200 ml of water


Shake it well


Take 1 serving a day immediately after the workout

Frequently Asked Questions

The results totally depends on your diet, however the effects will be visible after the first workout itself.

Yes, it is perfectly safe for your health As per Company Research

One package contains 30 servings per 20 g (2 Scoops).

Systematic and disciplined use of the Nutrigo Lab Regeneration supplement will help keep your muscles stronger, harder and healthy.  Start your day with a healthy breakfast, a balanced diet, workout and the Nutrigo Lab Regeneration supplement to feel refreshed and ready to go.