Muscle Building along with weight management is definitely not an easy task. It demands heavy gym sessions, fad diet plans and rigorous workout sessions. All this along with a correct dose of a health supplement is all you need to boost your self-confidence along with a lot of health benefits.

Today we are talking about the Mass Extreme health supplement that promises to give you the exact strength factor to build you muscles and to manage your weight appropriately, so that you stay healthy and confident.

Mass Extreme is an end to end organic supplement made of natural ingredients and manufactured to help build muscle mass in men only. This health supplement has been tested several times and has proven to give you quick and effective results through a decently sculpted physique. The supplement composition fastens muscle building in no time and one can notice considerable changes from the very beginning. The Mass Extreme supplement is completely a carbs and protein free product.

Mass Extreme Composition and its functions

The Mass Extreme dietary supplement intake results in an increase of the muscle mass by up to 2.4 kg after few weeks. The innovative formula in the Mass Extreme tablets is the prime reason for obtaining satisfactory results. A research conducted at the University of Tampa, Florida has proved that the phosphatidic acid present in Mass Extreme stimulates the mTOR kinase that controls the muscle growth in your body.  Moreover the composition of this tablet are managed to stimulate muscle growth and build endurance and strength of your body.

Let us take a look at the different ingredients of Mass Extreme and how it functions to build your muscle strength:

Fenugreek Extract

Study shows that taking 600 mg of fenugreek extract reduces body fat by 1.4% and also builds lean muscle mass by 1.8% after approximately eight weeks of supplementation. The fenugreek intake also demonstrates an increase in testosterone concentration in one’s body, which in turn is highly associated with muscle growth and strength buildup. Also the seed of this plant has galactomannans which enhances the glycogen synthesis in muscle cells.

Maca Root Extract

The Maca Root Extract is known to increase energy levels and enhance physical performance and finally promote muscle building and curviness. The Maca Root is extracted from the maca plant which is a native of Central Peru. Moreover studies indicate that the Maca Root boosts endurance in your body.

Phospatidic Acid (PA)

The Phospatidic Acid is a lipid messenger that increases muscle protein synthesis via signaling stimulation of the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR).  The Phospatidic Acid signals the cells to activate other ion channels in the body and they can be found in herring, eel, mackerel, tuna and lecithin in its natural form.  The shape and properties of the cells that build the muscles are formed due to the physical properties of this acid.

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

The D-Aspartic acid is a testosterone producer that is found naturally in meats, oysters, wild game, oat flakes, avocados, asparagus, molasses, sugar beets etc. The D-Aspartic Acid is a type of amino acid that works in your central brain region to release hormones such as luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone and growth hormone. The sleep enhancing and energy yielding results of normal or high testosterone levels makes D-aspartic Acid a potential diet supplement for body builders and weight lifters.

4-Amino Butyric Acid (GABA)

This 4-Amino Butyric Acid instigates the release of growth hormone through its function or muscarinic receptors. The prime role of this acid is to control the hormones that are in charge of excitement, mood swings, fear, anxiety and other bodily emotions, by sending messages to the neurotransmitter.  The GABA in Mass Extreme initiates the growth of lean muscle, produces energy from fat burning, controls blood pressure and relieves pain.


This ingredient of Mass Extreme is a coenzyme of vitamin B12 that supports body’s nervous system. It is a powerful enzyme that boosts muscle growth during the physical activity, produces red blood cells and straightens muscles during physical activities or exercises.

How does Mass Extreme Function?

The capsules of Mass Extreme boost the metabolic levels when combined with intensive training. The potent nutrients help in muscle building, the protein boosting synthesis balances the body’s hormones and this finally regulates the testosterone production. This entire function enhances the overall performance of the body along with its endurance and vitality. Last but not the least it initiates sculpting and fat burning process and ensures that the food taken is converted appropriately for metabolism.

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How to use Mass Extreme?

The Mass Extreme dietary supplement is formulated with the perfect combination of high quality ingredients; however one should take certain precautions before consuming this dietary supplement. They are:

Mass Extreme Dosage

As Mass Extreme is a dietary supplement, please ensure to adhere to the correct dosage as mentioned below:

Benefits of Mass Extreme

  • Enhances Bone Mass– You will notice a drastic improvement in the bone mass within a short span of time. The primary results are visible after 8 weeks of consumption of the supplement.
  • Regulates Hormones– The maca root ingredient in the supplement regulates the hormonal balance by controlling the testosterone level in the body. This will also solve fertility issues experienced by some men.
  • Supports Weight Management– the Mass Extreme dietary supplements boosts metabolism and ensures decent weight management.
  • Improves workout performance– One does not experience immediate fatigue when working out after consuming Mass Extreme. This in turn maximizes the training time so that you achieve more.
  • Healthy and Organic Supplement– The ingredients in the Mass Extreme dietary supplement are completely organic, herbal and healthy, that can be consumed without any fear.
  • Faster and Better Results– The supplement gives you quicker results and increase yourstrength up to 147%.
  • Prescription Free– as the product is a dietary supplement; you do not need any specific prescription to purchase the same.

Mass Extreme Reviews


Testimonials and reviews have revealed that Mass Extreme is a great companion of intense workout sessions. People have rated 4.4 out of 5 for this supplement which implies that it is genuine and highly effective. A study conducted on the customer index on various websites has scored more than 90% in the overall customer satisfaction for the product.


Why Should You Buy Mass Extreme?

Mass Extreme Frequently Asked Questions

So far no health related risks have been reported with the usage of Mass Extreme, however if you develop any allergies due to the ingredients within the supplement, please take medical assistance.

Yes, the Mass Extreme supplement has been lab tested and verified before bringing it to the market.

The primary result will be seen after 8 weeks of consumption.

The Mass Extreme supplement is formulated using completely organic and herbal products. So it is absolutely safe to consume as it would not create any kind of side effects.

No, the supplement will not increase your appetite.

The Maca root ingredient in the supplement has proved to solve the fertility issues in some men, however it is advisable to consult your physician for a full- fledged treatment instead of relying on the dietary supplement for solving such issues.

As there is no harm in extended usage, one can continue to take the supplement as the product prolongs the muscle growth and toning.

Mass Extreme can be used by women; however pregnant women and nursing mothers should refrain from taking this supplement.

No, there is no harm in combining Mass Extreme with other supplements as it is 100% natural.

Mass Extreme can be used by men of any age as the muscle growth reduces with growing ages.

Mass Extreme is the exact way to tone your unhealthy shapeless fat body into a healthy, well-toned muscular physique in a matter of few days.