Kollagen Intensiv Cream Review- The Actual Point Missed By Everyone


Kollagen Intensiv is a cream that works on a cellular level to renew and restore the skin. By stimulating collagen formation, intensely moisturising, and reinforcing the skin’s natural defences, it claims to restore youthful vigour.

Everyone wants to seem vibrant and youthful, regardless of their age, but wrinkles and fine lines become an issue as they appear, making it more difficult to maintain that youthful appearance.

Kollagen Intensiv is a natural anti-aging treatment that claims to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles, creases, and crow’s feet.

It claims to reduce the appearance of dark circles beneath your eyes. This product can be used on any part of your body that needs anti-aging advantages.

Dr. David, a board-certified obstetrician and gynaecologist, invented Skinception and developed their Kollagen Intensiv solution. The complete line is designed to help decrease indications of ageing on the face and body.

The Kollagen Intensiv recipe is not only light and quick to absorb, but it is also free of harsh chemicals and substances, making it suitable for all skin types.

Let us find out more about this amazing product through this article.

Why use Kollagen Intensiv?

This product is packed with anti-aging chemicals that are entirely natural. It has a lot of peptides in it, which start the collagen manufacturing process.

This replenishes the collagen that has depleted throughout time. It tightens and elastizes the skin and reduces wrinkles and creases.

Antioxidants are abundant in this cream. These improve immunity and can help to cure skin damage.

Please find the details on why exactly you should use the Kollagen Intensiv Cream:

1. Brings down the Wrinkle Appearance

SYN®-COLL, a topical peptide that improves the skin by minimising the appearance of wrinkles, is one example. After a few months of use, the benefits of SYN®-COLL become apparent. Its primary goal is to increase collagen production, which fills up fine lines and wrinkles.

Gluconolactone and Cyclopentasiloxane are two more chemicals in Kollagen Intensiv that work to plump the skin and decrease the appearance of fine wrinkles. These chemicals also increase skin moisture, which is beneficial for a youthful appearance.

2. Aids in the healing of the skin

Kollagen Intensiv’ components are meant to help repair the skin, whether you have minor scars, fine lines, or wrinkles.

For people looking to heal skin damage, the antioxidant Tocopherol, for example, has shown to be beneficial. It is also an excellent skin protection element, as it filters UV radiation and free radicals, according to studies.

Kollagen Intensiv also contains palmitoyl oligopeptide, which works by simulating collagen formation. It’s an amino peptide that works with the skin on a cellular level, and when collagen production is increased, the skin heals faster.

3. Inflammation is reduced

Many anti-inflammatory substances are found in Kollagen Intensiv. You can avoid indications of ageing by lowering inflammation

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3, Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract, and Shea-Butter are the three key ingredients in the composition. All of these ingredients help to prevent the skin from the effects of inflammation, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, collagen breakdown, and the loss of young contours.

4. Enhances Smoothness

Smoothing the skin can help you appear more youthful by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Kollagen Intensiv has two natural fat-rich ingredients, soybean oil and shea butter, which act to smooth and soften the skin.

Soybean oil, in particular, promotes the absorption of sterolins and vitamin E by the skin. Vitamin E is good for increasing the smoothness of the skin and giving it a more youthful appearance.

5. Boosts the Hydration Levels

Increased hydration levels are required to reduce the indications of ageing. As a result, Kollagen Intensiv contains two moisturising substances that aid in the skin’s repair and anti-aging processes.

Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract and Glycerol are the two ingredients. Both are natural ingredients that draw moisture in and keep the skin from drying out. These chemicals will help your skin look more youthful and alive if you use them on a daily basis.

6. Enhances the Elasticity Fibers

Elastin, a protein found in the skin, makes the skin appear plumper and slows down the ageing process. Collagen is a protein that is similar to elastin. Both of these fibres help to keep the structure of your skin in place.

Elastin and collagen levels in the skin naturally decline over time. Although you can’t stop it from happening, you can slow it down and/or increase elastin levels.

Hyaluronic Acid and Green Tea Leaf Extract are two ingredients in Kollagen Intensiv that help to prevent collagen breakdown and increase skin suppleness.

Kollagen Intensiv has a number of advantages for slowing or minimising the indications of ageing. 

Kollagen Intensiv Cream Ingredients

Kollagen Intensiv is free of harsh chemicals and synthetic substances. Fatty acids, peptides, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and essential oils are all included in the mix. All of these ingredients combine to create a high-end, high-performance cream that fights the indications of ageing.

The chemicals not only decrease wrinkles, but they also promote moisture, smoothness, and collagen production for younger-looking skin.

The prime ingredients in Kollagen Intensiv are:

1. Glycerin

A natural humectant that can be created synthetically or extracted from plant oils. Draws water from the air into the skin and coats it in a protective layer to keep it moist.

The soft, moisturising characteristics of glycerin aid to calm sensitive skin while also beautifying it by giving renewing moisture. Also keep in mind that the glycerin we use is plant-based, so it’s less likely to irritate your skin.

2. Tocopheryl Acetate

Alpha-tocopheryl acetate (ATA) is a specific form of vitamin E that’s often found in skin care products and dietary supplements. It’s also known as tocopheryl acetate, tocopherol acetate, or vitamin E acetate.

Vitamin E in this highly powerful form helps to protect against free radicals. It also aids in the replenishment of skin lipids, which improves firmness.

Using AT on the skin, especially when combined with vitamin C, helps to protect the skin from UV damage.

3. Palmitoyle Tetrapeptide-3

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3 is a peptide found in palmitoyl tetrapeptide It works as a skin conditioner. Reduces muscular contraction intensity, wrinkle appearance, and reduces and softens lines. It reduces imitation, which can cause puffiness. It’s a lipophilic modified peptide that was first developed for wound healing research and is now being tested as an anti-aging component. It aids in the prevention of fine wrinkles caused by frequent facial motions, as well as improved collagen and elastin matrix. It also delays the onset of ageing. Wrinkle prevention and repair, eye contour care, and older skin products are all available.

Interleukins, the chemical messengers responsible for beginning the inflammatory response, are suppressed by this regenerative peptide. This peptide blend, when combined with Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, can help to stimulate collagen formation and revitalise the skin.

4. Ascorbyl Palmitate

Ascorbyl Palmitate penetrates skin tissue and stimulates collagen formation. Ascorbyl Palmitate is an excellent anti-aging agent since it smoothes wrinkles and fine lines, evens out skin tone, and protects skin from free radical damage. Ascorbyl Palmitate is easily absorbed in the skin because it is an oil-soluble form, providing remarkable advantages that even sensitive skin types can accept.

5. Retinyl Palmitate

Retinyl palmitate, commonly known as retinol palmitate or vitamin A palmitate, is a potent antioxidant found in skin care products like moisturisers, sunscreens, and topical acne treatments. It can successfully treat minor acne and stimulate collagen formation, which has anti-aging properties.

6. Hibiscus Extract

Hibiscus extract is known to be high in Vitamin C, which is good for your health, skin, and hair. Hibiscus blossoms are mostly used to cure skin conditions, while the plant’s leaves are utilised to promote hair development. This plant extract includes oligopeptides that are thought to prevent facial expression muscles from moving.

7. Acetyl Hexapeptide-3

Acetyl hexapeptide-3 is a synthetically derived peptide with anti-wrinkle properties. This peptide molecule, also known as Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 or Argireline, is often utilised in anti-aging products to minimise facial contractions that cause fine lines and wrinkles. According to some research, it can damage down the muscular tissue that normally firms the skin over time, causing it to sag.

8. Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

The peptide palmitoyl oligopeptide is a relatively new addition to the list of skincare peptides.This chain of amino acids, which is a fragment of collagen, can aid in the development of healthy collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and glycosaminoglycans, resulting in smoother, more luminous skin.

9. Soybean Extract

Soy beans are high in Vitamin E, vital fatty acids, and lecithin, all of which help to heal and regenerate the skin. Because soy proteins have a tiny molecular structure, they can enter cells and induce collagen formation. The other skin care benefits for Soybean Extract are its Anti-Oxidant properties that help fight the production of free radicals in the body, repairs the decreasing elasticity in the skin, fights aging effect, fights sun damage and provides ample moisture to the skin.

10. Gluconolactone

Gluconolactone is a Corn-derived substance used as a humectant and fragrance in skin care. The main benefits of Gluconolactone are it improves the skin texture and tone, hydrates and offers some of the antioxidant properties for the skin.

11. Dipeptide-2

Dipeptide-2 is a synthetic peptide made comprised of the amino acids tryptophan and valine that is tiny and simple. This peptide may increase fluid drainage in the eye area, lowering the appearance of puffy eyes, according to studies from one ingredient supplier; however, as of late 2019, this claim hasn’t been backed up by independent research.

Dipeptide-2 is a skin conditioning component whose smaller size allows it to easily permeate the highest layers of the skin, where it can aid in skin repair and replenishment.

12. Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline

Due to its potential protective effects on collagen and elastin, dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline is a naturally produced component that is commonly used in anti-aging skin and lip care products.

Hydroxyproline is a major component of the collagen protein and is thought to be important for its stability. The amino acid proline is hydroxylated, which requires ascorbic acid or vitamin C.

13. Cucumber Extract

Most cucumbers, scientifically known as Cucumis sativus, are mainly water, which aids in hydration. Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), vital antioxidants, and anti-aging fatty acids are among the other ingredients. Cucumber is also utilised as a scent that is non-sensitizing and suitable for delicate skin.

14. Green Tea Extract

This chemical is one of the most potent antioxidants found in nature. Green tea polyphenols aid to decrease the ageing process by neutralising free radicals, reducing inflammation, and removing pollutants.

15. Oat Kernel Extract

For its inherent calming characteristics, oatmeal extract is utilised in skin care products. It can help protect damaged skin from unpleasant stimuli and encourage healing.

16. Shea Butter

Shea butter is a fat derived from the nuts of the shea tree. It’s off-white or ivory-colored and has a creamy consistency that’s easy to spread on your skin. The majority of shea butter originates from West African shea plants.

Shea butter is an effective cosmetic ingredient for softening skin due to its high content of fatty acids and vitamins. Anti-inflammatory and healing properties are also found in shea butter. Shea butter can help to condition, tone, and soothe your skin, especially on your face.

17. Avena Sativa

Oats (Avena sativa) have been used as a topical treatment for a number of skin barrier disorders for millennia, including dry skin, rashes, and eczema. However, few studies have looked into the mechanism of action for colloidal oatmeal’s skin barrier strengthening activities.

Kollagen Intensiv Cream Ingredients Quality

Kollagen Intensiv’s website displays all of its ingredients, which is beneficial for those with sensitive skin or allergies, as well as those who are simply interested in the products they use on their skin.

There are various antioxidative plant and herb extracts that can help reduce inflammation and improve healing, as well as peptides that have been shown to help reduce the outward indications of ageing.

The product is believed to be safe for all skin types, but because no two people’s skin are same, it’s always best to consult a professional to discuss any potential hazards related with the contents.

How to use Kollagen Intensiv Cream?

This product can be used both in the morning and in the evening.

    • Apply this cream to any part of your body where you want to reduce the appearance of ageing.
    • Gently massage it into your skin in a circular motion until it absorbs completely.
    • This should be used around 30 minutes before bedtime.

The cream can hydrate you for up to 24 hours, so you might apply it once a day. However, there are two applications that will maximise the benefits and accelerate the results.


Natural ways to get rid of wrinkles and to stop your skin from aging

Along with using the Kollagen Intensiv cream you can also prevent your skin from aging and keep your skin wrinkles at bay by following the below mentioned techniques:

  • Wear Sunscreen

  • Limit your sugar intake

  • Quit Smoking

  • Use Coconut Oil frequently

  • Take Beta Carotene

  • Drink lemon balm leaf tea

  • Change your sleeping position

  • Wash your face regularly

  • Avoid UV light

  • Increase the intake of antioxidants

Frequently Asked Questions

An allergic reaction, rash, and redness, as well as itching skin, are possible side effects. Stop using the product if this happens. Before using this cream, you should consult a dermatologist to obtain a skin profile and ensure that the product is appropriate for your needs.

Usually the shelf life of a cosmetic product is 2 years, however it is advisable to use the product within 1 year of the purchase.

An adverse response to one of the ingredients would be the only health issue that would prevent you from using this cream. Check the list to ensure that everything in this product is appropriate for you.

It is always advisable to use the cream for minimum 3 months so that you will be able to see good results.

Kollagen Intensiv is suitable for all skin types, but especially for people who want to eliminate wrinkles, plump their skin, and slow down the natural ageing process of their skin.

The cream is primarily for aged skin, however it can be used by people of all ages to get the benefits. If you want to begin your anti-aging skincare journey sooner than usual, that’s fine as long as you use the proper products and make sure they’re tailored to your skin’s needs.

There have been no reports of the product interacting with medical issues. However, if you are allergic to any of the specified substances, you should not use the product. Consult your doctor if you experience any side effects after using the product.


Kollagen Intensiv is a natural anti-aging cream that can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines throughout the body. It may also help to tone your skin, reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

This cream has a large number of anti-aging substances that should have an impact. This product received mostly positive feedback, with users raving about their wrinkle-free skin and younger-looking appearance.