How to lose weight and burn calories while sitting?

Did you know that it is not only when we work out or follow a particular diet plan that we lose weight? We can also burn calories and lose weight even while resting or while just sitting. In fact there are lot of health hacks you can follow that will help boost your metabolic rate even when you are at rest or when you are not working out.

Let’s take a look at a few science backed life hacks you can adopt to gain a caloric deficit when your body is in an inactive mode

1. Keep A Steady Posture

When you maintain a straight and a steady sitting posture, it not only relieves you from backache problems, but also helps you lose weight effectively. Surprised? Well, take a look at the information below:

Once you sit up straight and steady, your muscles in the upper body, shoulders and back will stay relaxed and minimally active. And so this will boost calorie burning and promote core strength.

Once you start feeling the pressure of maintaining a straight posture, try to stand up and take a walk. This in turn will promote the fat oxidation rate in your body. So in short, tighten your abs, level up your spine and sit straight to get rid of that extra fat.

2. Desk Workouts

Just because you’re sitting doesn’t mean you can’t work out at your desk. Being physically active or training your core muscle groups can help to mitigate the negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle.

From entertaining desk workout equipment to simple stretches to variants of crunches, pushups, and seat squats, there are a plethora of ways to remain active.

An exercise ball can also assist tone your lower body and burn more calories even when you’re not doing anything. Breathing exercises or practising yoga while sitting at your desk can also be beneficial for weight loss.

3. Reduce The Heat

Being in a cold atmosphere can be beneficial. According to several specialists, cooler temperatures activate the body’s brown fat storage, which maintains metabolism high and works to burn fat stored in and around the abdominal area, resulting in increased energy expenditure (calorie burn) while sitting.

Participants who spent time in a colder controlled environment had more brown fat reactivity than those who spent time in warmer conditions, according to a study published in Diabetes. They also demonstrated enhanced insulin sensitivity. You might also use a stability ball to strengthen your core muscles and change your desk chair.

4. Hydrate Yourself Regularly

Drink lots of water! It is as simple as that. Concentrate on staying hydrated throughout the day as it is highly crucial for your weight loss.  An absolute zero calorie drink, water is the most apt solution for your system detoxification. Also drinking 0.5-1 litres of water per day boosts resting energy expenditure, which basically means you burn more calories. This can be a nice place to start even if you don’t make any additional adjustments.

5. Yoga Mudras For Weight Loss

While you are resting whether in office or at home, you can follow certain yoga hand mudras that will boost your metabolic activity and help you lose weight effectively.

The Surya Mudra

The Surya Mudra represents the fire element and sets off the fire balance in your body. This mudra connects the finger to make links and this in turn allows energy to flow freely throughout your body. Hence if you are finding it troublesome to lose weight due to your gut health, you can practice the Surya Mudra to boost metabolism and speed up your digestion process. Fat loss can be considerably aided by the regular practice of the Surya Mudra.

Surya mudra can be done in the privacy of your own home. To begin, sit up straight with your back straight. Bring the ring finger to the palm of your hand and connect it to the thumb. Continue to sit in this position with your hands on your thighs and knees. Meanwhile, you can practise breathing exercises or meditate. The Surya mudra should be done for 45 minutes every day, with 15-minute pauses in between. When the Surya mudra is done first thing in the morning, it has additional advantages.

6. Breathing Exercise To Burn Calories

Breathing exercises not only keep you healthy, but they also aid in the removal of fat from the tops of your abdominal muscles. Digestion and metabolism are also aided by breathing exercises.

Deep breathing increases the amount of oxygen in your body, which aids in the burning of the excess fat that has accumulated in your body. Deep breathing promotes blood circulation and abdominal muscular tone.

There are 3 types of breathing exercises you can practice to burn calories while sitting:

Shining the skull breathing

This breathing technique improves stomach muscles while also alleviating respiratory issues. To do this exercise, sit in a comfortable position and inhale deeply, keeping your abdominal muscles tight even as you exhale. You can repeat this for ten times before returning to normal breathing for five seconds. Rep the process three times more.

Belly Breathing

As you breathe from your belly button, you concentrate on your diaphragm and the muscles beneath your lungs. The activity improves your stamina, energy, and is claimed to help with anxiety. This exercise should not be done for a specific amount of time, but rather for the entire day.

You can choose to sit or stand, depending on your preference. Try not to think about anything and to relax your mind. Place your hand on your stomach, at the belly button, with your thumb. During the workout, your chest should not raise and your abdomen should expand.

Mouth Breathing

Breathing through your mouth pressurizes your abdominal muscles and leaves you completely refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. Moreover, it also helps in the loss of belly fat. This easy breathing workout helps dissolve the fat around your stomach and also tones down your cheek and chin muscles.

To do this exercise, open your mouth and exhale and inhale through it while counting up to ten on both inhaling and exhaling. Exhalation time should be twice as long as inhalation duration. You can do this three times a day for ten minutes each time.

7. Laugh Heartily and Try to Stay Positive and Happy

Genuine laughter might help you burn calories faster, even if it seems ridiculous. Not only can laughter make you feel good and relieve stress, but it also helps you burn calories. A good laugh increases your heart rate and energy expenditure by atleast 10-20% and easily helps you burn around 20 to 40 calories or more. 

While comedy cannot be forced at all times of the day, consider incorporating it into your daily routine. Make sure to do activities that make you joyful and comfortable, whether it’s watching comedy shows, talking to pals, or reading a humorous comic. Being cheerful will help you stay healthier in the long run by reducing stress levels.

These above tips to burn calories while sitting not only helps you lose weight, it also de-stresses you, relaxes and ultimately energizes you for a good start every day.

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