Diabetes Freedom Review – The Truth


I am not a Diabetic but clearly I have seen my grandparents and my mom in law go through this ridiculous disease whose basic nature keeps wavering through the times. Seeing them go through this disease and their constantly changing medications has always scared me real bad.

My experience with online research on Diabetes did no good and I was not able to help them deal with Diabetes at any point. Also as they were old, I had to constantly remind them to have their diabetes medicines, which obviously they did not enjoy.

After a second attempt on my online research I came across Diabetes Freedom. I had in fact ignored this topic in my first attempt online research, thinking that it was some kind of product scam. It was during my second attempt that I realized that Diabetes Freedom is actually an eBook that gives a different perspective on treating the Type2 Diabetes. I was amazed and was eager to introduce this program to my family.

So instead of boring you to death with unwanted explanations, let’s get to know the product a little more closely:

What is the Diabetes Freedom Program? How does it work?


The Diabetes Freedom program adopts a different and a quite unique approach towards tackling the Diabetes problem. Instead of giving you a bottle full of supplements, it gives you a book.

A book filled with customized plans that will allow the patients to understand their symptoms and will help them tackle their Diabetes problems according to its nature and their body.

Diabetes, when not handled in the right way, can put your life in extreme jeopardy to the extent where you will have to go through unbearable pains or even death.

Leg amputation, Gangrene, Coma etc. are some of the worst results of Diabetes, when not recognized or tackled at an early stage. Of course there are medications for Diabetes, but very less patients actually analyze and find out about their Diabetes medicines as they blindly believe their physicians. This induces the Health and Wellness industry to make more money using the patients’ ignorance.

The Diabetes Freedom program’s creator has come up with a customizable plan to address the Diabetic concerns of patients and this is done by answering few questions to identify their symptoms and problems. Not only that, it also gives the consumer an added advantage of shedding weight so that it ultimately gives them a personal relief at the end of the day.

According to the manufacturer of the Diabetes Freedom Program, when a Diabetes patient consume the right food in the form of fruits or veggies, the phytonutrients from the plants will help flush out the toxins that are harming the pancreatic functions. It also clears the arteries and thereby it prevents the emergence of circulatory diseases and last but not the least lessens the threat of diabetes.

The Diabetes Freedom Program Inclusions

You must have checked various websites and seen many videos advising you to adopt certain food habits or lifestyles to help you with your Diabetes problem. It would have worked, but has it ever given you a permanent solution? And is it supported by science? And last but not the least is it safe enough?

The Diabetes Freedom program actively answers the above two questions and gives you the perfect strategy to adopt the right eating habits and lifestyle to help you reverse the Type 2 Diabetes.

The Diabetes Freedom program gives a clear picture about what food you should include and what food you should avoid to keep Diabetes at bay.

The Diabetes Freedom program uses 3 major plans which are:

The Diabetes Freedom program gives you all the essential information required for you to achieve your fitness goals. It gives you first-hand information about all the natural ingredients that will benefit you in the long run; it includes meal plans, meal timings and all the information about body detoxification and lifestyle transformation.

Here is a glance at the Diabetes Freedom plan

The Diabetes Freedom program is highly structured and comes with step by step instructions. To give you a better understanding, the make has taken pains to compile a video tutorial for each step so that you do not misunderstand or misinterpret the instructions.

Let’s further scan the program details:

1. The Main Manual

The Main Manual part of the Diabetes Freedom program covers the most important part of the program which primarily includes the type of food and drinks you should consume, Diabetic plan rules, the list of food type you should avoid and much more.

Let’s take a look at the contents:

1. Welcome to the Program

This part of the plan starts off with what the Diabetic Freedom program is all about and how this unique approach can help you reverse your Type 2 Diabetes.

2. Introduction to Type 2 Diabetes

This segment of the plan gives you more information about the grave threats of Type 2 Diabetes and how it can topple your life even before you know it.

3. State 1:10 Days of Super Drinks

This section of the program includes a wide range of specific drinks that will help improve your insulin sensitivity, help you shed weight and boost the metabolic activity of your body.

The program asks you infuse these specific drinks in your daily diet for 10 days so that you are completely relieved of stress and detoxified from top to bottom.

4. Details about the Diabetes Super Drinks

These freedom super drinks mainly include carrot and tropical food drink, sunshine fruit smoothie, creamy berry super drink and green explosion, which are introduced to satiate 50 percent of your appetite. The ingredients within these drinks strengthen your metabolism and your energy levels, control the sugar, cholesterol and glucose levels in your body and the fibre content will cleanse your gut health.

5. 8 Weeks Diabeting Strategy

The 8 Weeks Diabeting Strategy gives you a seven method structure which is extremely important to follow as the whole Diabetes Freedom Plan depends on it. The seven method strategy includes:

  • Diabetes Freedom Super Drinks:

    The Diabetes Freedom Super Drinks gives you two types of drinks: 1. Phase Drink 2. Multipurpose Drink These drinks will help you balance your insulin levels, control your blood sugar levels and hunger eruptions.

  • Phase 2 Antioxidants

    The Phase 2 Antioxidants stresses on the importance of Antioxidants as they help reduce inflammation and also aids in increasing the antioxidant level in your body.

  • Superfoods

    This segment gives you details on the superfoods that will help you attain your health goal in very less time.

  • Carbohydrates

    Usually carbs are the strongest enemy of a Diabetic patient, however according to the Diabetes Freedom Plan carbs with low glycemic index aids improves your insulin sensitivity and keeps you satiated for a longer period of time.

  • Anti-diabetic Super Proteins

    The Anti-diabetic Super proteins mentioned in the plan will aid in fast weight loss and will also activate thermogenesis so that you feel energetic throughout. The menu options include both vegan and nonvegan diet plans.

  • Anti-diabetic Healthy Fats

    The Anti-diabetic Healthy Fats segment gives you a list of healthy fat that are required to boost your hormonal balance and brain functions. It also plays an important role in energizing your system.

  • Metabolism Booster Drinks

    The Metabolism Booster Drinks will level up your metabolic framework and also will duly take care of your dietary needs, which is an important part of the anti-diabetes diet.

6. 7 Rules of the Diabetes Diet Plan

The 7 Rules of the Diabetes Diet Plan helps you follow the program effectively and easily. The Rules include some calorie tight diet plans that are both easy and amusing to follow. The Rule book will give you an insight into how to be careful while eating out, usage of spices and condiments, tips on exercise regimes and how to curb your hunger pangs or food cravings.

The 7 Rules of the Diabetes Freedom Plan are:

Rule 1: Your Food Journal

Rule 2: Be Intelligent When Eating Out

Rule 3: Take Advantage of Condiment

Rule 4: Anticipate your Cravings with your Diet and Physical activity

Rule 5: Realistic Exercising Hours

Rule 6: Exercise is fun

Rule 7: Total Daily Tv Time = Sports Time

7. Diabetes Condemns- Falsely Dietetic Food Products

This section deals with information on incorrect diet food products a Type 2 Diabetes patient should proactively avoid.

8. The List of 12 Deadly Ingredients

In this section you will get to know about those ingredients which a Diabetic patient should avoid while preparing their diet specific meals.

9. List of Bad Foods for Type 2 Diabetes

This gives you a list of wrong food types a Type 2 Diabetic patient should diligently avoid.

10. A Healthy Diabetes Free Body

This section gives an overall outlook on how one can attain a healthy body free from the evil danger of Type 2 Diabetes and how one would feel if the Type 2 Diabetes is reversed.

2. Quick Start Accelerator

The Quick Start Accelerator segment of the plan showcases the following inclusions:

3. Meal Preparation Guide

The Meal Preparation Guide gives you a detailed recipe of those meals that are specific to your Diabetes diet plan:

In addition to this you also get access to the video library, three cool bonuses and a free best-selling anti-aging DVD workout for free.

Diabetes Freedom Program Manufacturer Details

They say that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ and this true to the last word for George Riley who is the creator of this unique idea of Diabetes Freedom program.

George Riley, a former diabetic patient is neither a nutritionist nor a physician. The only reason he formulated this plan was because of his bad experience with the Diabetes disease.

George Riley was under severe medication and he did not see any improvement in his health with the Diabetes medication that he was taking. Instead his health started deteriorating to the point where he had to amputate his leg. This pain made him think about the medications he was taking and after constant research he got to know that it was these medications that actually put his life into danger.

On further research he concluded that he could reduce the risk of Diabetes the natural way if he agreed to streamline his meals and the timings he ate them.

This structured change that he bought about in his daily diet and lifestyle gave him new hope and aspirations to lead a worry-free life. The first thing his new diet and regime did was it detoxified his entire body and flushed all the arterial clogs and fat cells that accumulated. His health improved tremendously and he continued to remain healthy with his newly created plan.

Once he was convinced of his change, he decided to propagate the idea and he did so by introducing the program to thousands of Diabetic patients who had gone through the worst because of the disease.

Diabetes Freedom Program Manufacturer Details

The benefits of the Diabetes Freedom Plan are:

Diabetes Freedom - Frequently Asked Questions

It takes a minimum of 8 weeks to see the results after using the Diabetes Freedom Plan.

After the first 8 weeks of using the Diabetes Freedom Plan, you can get in touch with your physician about stopping your medicines.

Absolutely, the program is formulated based on the research at the University of Utah, Texa University, Newcastle University in England and the Harvard Medical School.

People who are not suffering from Diabetes should avoid using the plan. Also it is safer for Pregnant women and lactating mothers to avoid using the plan.

Diabetes Freedom - Pricing Plans

Final Thoughts

As mentioned before, it definitely is a unique approach to tackle Diabetes. And what one should understand is along with reversing the Type 2 Diabetes in you, the Diabetes Freedom Plan can transform you and your lifestyle for good. Instead of facing the side effects of strong medications, this is always a better option as you indulging in pure natural meal and diet recipes to detoxify your entire body along with getting rid of Diabetes.

Though it might not give you immediate results, you can assure yourself that the results you achieve are definite for a lifetime. So do not wait to give it a shot and to enjoy a risk free life ahead.