15 Healthy Habits for Women

The thing that distinguishes women from men is their hormonal structure and hormonal balances.  Usually women spend more time in taking care of their household rather than spending time to take care of them. Or the actual reason is that they do not find time to give themselves proper attention due to their workload both inside and outside their homes.

However it is a proven fact that women will be able to take better care of everybody only if they prioritize their health first.

So here are 15 health and wellness tips that can be followed by any woman to upgrade your chances of a better health throughout your life.

1.     First Habit- Move Around

The act of moving around or movement does not exactly mean that you have to wake up every morning and go for a jog (yes, that is also a good idea), but you can first start off by creating space by de-cluttering your home. To begin with, you can remove all heavy furniture that is unnecessarily cluttering your home space. Fill your home with light weight furniture so that you have ample space to move around. Health studies suggests that during the rest period your heart beat rate is between 60 and 100 beats per minute, however when you move around and workout, your heart rate increases.

Last but not the least, there are two prime benefits to the habit of movement which are:

  • Movement warms up your body and you start sweating lightly.
  • It also increases your heart beat to a manageable rate.

2.     Know the product before you purchase

Before you purchase any product especially any kind of health product, first read the labels and clearly understand the ingredients that are used to manufacture them. Everyone especially women use ‘N’ amount of skin care and health care products from morning till night. However most of them do not pay enough attention to the ingredients and only focus on the result they give after the products are used.

Ensure to check the ingredients and find out if you are allergic to any of them and also make it a point to use those products that is rich in natural ingredients, and which are paraben and toxin free.

The skin forms a major part of our body and is just like a sponge. So whenever you use a specific product, our skin immediately absorbs it and it mixes with our blood stream. Hence if the product is not suitable for our skin, it can cause grave allergies and health problems in the future.

Some of the toxic chemical ingredients that you should avoid are:

  • Parabens– the Paraben chemical is usually found in skin care products and perfumes. The Paraben chemicals are collectively known as the ‘Endocrine disruptor’ which ideally means that these chemicals will disrupt the functioning of the endocrine system and result in adverse effects such as neurological and developmental problems in humans. Some of the sub products of paraben are Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Methylparaben and Polyparaben.
  • Carbon Black- Carbon black is black soot like powder usually found in eyeliners and mascaras. Though a little amount of Carbon black does not pose a serious threat to our health, constant use of these chemical filled products can result in cancer and neurological problems.
  • Petroleum Jelly-the Petroleum Jelly is manufactured from the burning of organic materials and this creates Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons or PAHs. These PAHs are known to be major skin irritants and also are potential cancer causing agents.
  • Fragrance-Fragrance is a collection of several chemical additives usually found in perfumes, deodorants which can cause neurological and developmental issues.
  • Oxybenzone-theOxybenzone chemicals are usually found in sunscreen lotions as they have the ability to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. However this chemical is known to create imbalances in your hormones and also is an endocrine disruptor.
  • Phthalates- this chemical is seen in different forms in nail polishes, and perfumed lotions. The different forms of phthalates are dibutyl phthalate, dimethyl phthalate and diethyl phthalate. The phthalates are used strengthen plastics so that they do not break easily. The presence of these chemical ingredients in skin care and health care products can cause endocrinal problems and cancer.
  • Formaldehyde- Formaldehyde is a kind of gas that used to prolong the shelf life of a product; however this same chemical is used in manufacturing building materials and many household products. So you can imagine the toxic level of this product and it is known to causes serious allergic conditions when used constantly.

Now that you know the harsh effects of these chemicals present in skin care products, ensure to always opt for natural and herbal products especially for your skin and health.

3.      Loose Bottoms

Ensure to use loose and free pants to cover your lower bottom area of your body. Use materials like organic cotton or cotton materials and avoid using tight skinned jeans as this area needs to get good ventilation. Though jeans and denim may look more stylish and glamorous, consistent use of these materials can cause hormonal problems, especially in cases of those women suffering from PCOD problems.

4.      Avoid Plastics

Ensure to stop using plastics for eg: try to drink water from a glass bottle instead of a plastic bottle. Use a ceramic or a mud plate to have your food instead of using a plastic plate. We know you have to slightly careful while using glass bottles and plates, however in the long run it is more suitable for your hormonal health.

5.      Have Probiotics Daily

Include probiotics in your daily diet so it smoothens your digestion process. You can have probiotics in form of pickles or you get to buy probiotics itself from stores. However, the best option for probiotics is curd or yogurt. Make sure you consume curd or yogurt during your breakfast or lunch and avoid it during dinner.

6.      Flax Seed Diet

The Flax Seeds consists of compounds called phytoestrogens that holds properties similar to the female hormone estrogen. So consuming or making flax seeds a permanent part of your diet will only enhance and make your hormones healthier and synergized. You can add flax seeds to yogurt, to your smoothie or also add some while baking bread as well.

7.      Strict No to phones after 9 PM

Spend time with your body and mind and ultimately spend time with yourself before you retire for the day. For that you need to disconnect from the world and plan to spend more time with your family and children. The first step to initiate this process to stop using your mobile phones or gadgets after 9 PM. This will help you strengthen your sleep pattern and will let you relax with your peaceful mind as your hormones will also go into relax mode. It is not an easy task, instead you can opt for meditation, have a warm shower, use scented candles to relax your hormones or read a good book before you retire to bed.

8.      Get a medical check-up every year

You do not have to wait till you fall ill or sick to visit your doctor; instead get regular wellness checkups and health screenings every year to detect the presence of any impending at an early stage.

9.      Calcium and Vitamin D rich diet

Women, especially those who are going through the menopause stage, it is recommended to include Calcium and Vitamin D in your diet to prevent the occurrence of bone diseases. Seafood, fruits, low-fat dairy and egg yolks are some of the calcium and vitamin D rich foods.

10.      Manage your anger and anxiety levels

Anger and anxiety is a natural reaction, however find ways to curb it as much as you can. Count to 10 when you get angry or take in deep breaths during your anxiety phase. This will give you time to think and calm down so that you can adopt a rational approach towards the negative situation that has irked you.

11.      Avoid Sunburns

It is a simple tip-wear a sunscreen of SPF 30 every time you step out during the day especially midday between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Also use sunglasses that block about 90% of both UVA and UVB rays.

12.      Stop feeling unhappy and regretful

Take help when required- do not stress yourself or hurt yourself with regret just because things did not go as planned by you.  Do not overthink and always arrange yourself to address the situation or simply move on. Holding on to that extra bit of anxiety can definitely affect your hormonal balances.

13.      Follow these health screenings regularly

Conduct regular health screenings to avoid or to keep a tab on any health issue that can occur. Health screenings such as:

  • Cholesterol and Blood Pressure– Take regular cholesterol and blood pressure tests every year or on a quarterly basis as a part of the regular health routine. If there is a history of Cholesterol or Blood pressure variation problem in your family, do inform your physician so that they can suggest the right treatment for the same.
  • Pelvic screening– Ensure to conduct a pelvic screening especially for women between the age of 21 and 65 years.
  • Breast exams- All women should take a Breast exam or a mammogram test every year after the age of 20 years. Consult your physician to know more about these tests and also find out how you can conduct the test at home as well.
  • Osteoporosis Screening– Conduct an annual bone density screening every year especially for women above the age of 30 years.
  • Skin Cancers– Develop a habit of closely watching the changes that happen on your skin especially on your moles and birthmarks. Make sure to report anything you find strange or extraordinary on your skin and ask your doctor if you need regular skin screenings.
  • Sugar check– Always have a glucometer handy so that you can keep a tab on your sugar level from home. However it is important that you consult your physician on a regular basis to check your blood sugar level.

14.      Take proper care of your clothes

It may sound like a simple or a useless tip, but it is very important to take proper care of your clothes. Always keep them dry and ironed so that you do not develop any kind of skin allergies because of dirty clothes.

15.      Stay updated always

Be aware and stay updated- always read about various health-related and societal issues faced by women on a daily basis and this can help you change your perception towards you physical and mental health, your lifestyle and towards the overall development of your personality.

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